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Volume VIII in the series “Orthodoxy in Dialogue with the Modern World”



Published by
Alexander Press
2013, 240 pages, soft cover.
ISBN: 1-896800-59-9
$25.00 / € 18,00

When God Is Not There
by Nikolaos, Metropolitan of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki

The world we live in has been called a ‘vale of tears’, a ‘place of weeping’ – perhaps with good reason. Wherever you turn you see pain, sorrow, undeserved suffering, death, and sin. The ‘ruler of this world’ (Jn 12: 31), the ‘world ruler’ (Eph. 6:12) is the devil. He is constantly to be seen.

God, who is named ‘He who is’, meaning the One from whom everything comes into being, is nowhere to be seen. ‘No one has seen God at any time’ (John 1:18). That is why his very existence is a matter of dispute. He has, however, ‘revealed himself’ (John 21:1), and he promises to manifest himself to whomsoever keeps his commandments and loves him: ‘I will manifest myself to him’ (John 14:21).

This book records simple events and conversations, all the while grappling with difficult questions. We see the human struggle to discover the person of God when that is veiled by the logic of this world, our limited understanding, and the arrogant pretensions of human littleness. The book engages intensely with complex and difficult issues . . . but which leave us confused and at times scandalised. What it does not do is give any direct answers, or try to persuade the reader through logic or impressive arguments. Its aim is to convey the sense of the discreet yet persuasive presence of the true God precisely in situations where He is not visible: in pain, in disability, in the tragedies of life, in inexorable death, as this comes across in true events and is reflected in the lives of real people.


The eagerly anticipated publication of Therapy of Spiritual Illness


Larchet v1 Larchet v2 Larchet v3

Volumes I-III

Larchet box set

Boxed Set


Alexander Press, Montreal, 2012

ISBN: 1-896800-39-4

Available only as a boxed set of 3 softcover volumes totalling over 800 pages in a special slipcase

Order directly from Alexander Press: $100.00 / €70.00


Therapy of Spiritual Illnesses
by Dr Jean-Claude Larchet. Translated by Fr Kilian Sprecher.

Dr Jean-Claude Larchet’s long-awaited great work, Thérapeutique des maladies spirituelles is published in English by Alexander Press.

A vast synthesis of patristic and ascetic oriental teachings from the 1st to 14th centuries, this study presents a renewed vision of the Christian doctrine of salvation and constitutes a veritable treaty, both theoretical and practical, of spiritual psychology and medicine, as well as a summation of Orthodox spirituality that has no equivalent.

The notion of human health held by Orthodox anthropology is inseparable from that of the ideal human nature possessed by the original Adam. Before being led astray, this nature was a synergy of Adam’s free will and of divine grace unto his perfection, i.e. deification. That is to say, human nature has a direction found in its different components: it is naturally oriented towards God and is destined to find fulfilment in Him. Dr Larchet shows how, according to Orthodox ascetical anthropology, man is in a healthful state when he achieves his destiny and when his faculties exert themselves in accordance with this natural aim. He shows, also, how sin, thought of as separation from being with God, establishes in man a manifold state of illness by turning him away from his essential goal . . . One sees from this how theanthropic asceticism, by which man is ontologically converted,constitutes a true therapy, in that such asceticism permits man to turn away from this pathological and unnatural state and to recover the health of his original nature by turning towards God. If Christ appears as a physician and the salvation He brings appears as healing, it is because humanity is ill.

Beholding mankind’s healthfulness in the primordial state of Adam, the Fathers and all of Tradition see the state of sin, which characterizes fallen mankind after the original sin, as a state of manifold illness affecting man in his whole being. This notion of mankind as sick from sin finds scriptural support, which the Fathers did not fail to use. In the example of the Prophets, the Fathers call to mind the inability of the men of the Old Covenant to find a remedy for their ailments, however serious these were, and their calling to God throughout the generations. God’s favourable response to this call was the Incarnation of the Word, Who alone could effect the awaited healing because He was God.
— From the Introduction

New publications available from Alexander Press

Fr Paisios bio

Elder Paisios of Mount Athos
by Hieromonk Isaac

Elder Paisios of Mount Athos (1924–1994) is one of the greatest and most revered Elders of the Orthodox Church of our time. The life of Elder Paisios of Mount Athos resembles a garden adorned with countless flowers in bloom, radiant and colourful, beautiful to the eyes of man’s spiritual heart, letting off an otherworldly aroma of holiness. The reader is invited to enter into his life and words, to “lay aside all earthly cares”, to see life from the divine perspective, to understand the mystery of the Gospel by standing under, submitting and entrusting oneself to experience and wisdom this God-bearing Holy Father.

Holy Monastery “Saint Arsenios the Cappadocian”, Chalkidiki, Greece, 2012.
ISBN: 978-960-89764-3-6


Spiritual counsels 3v

Spiritual Counsels of Elder Paisios of Mount Athos

It is good to have the intellectual powers that take man to the moon costing billions of dollars in fuel expenses and so on, but it is better to have the spiritual powers that raise man to God, his ultimate destination, with only a bit of fuel, a mere dried piece of bread.—Elder Paisios

The completed 3 of 5 Spirtual Counsels volumes are now available from
Alexander Press: Volume I, With Pain and Love for Contemporary Man; Volume II, Spiritual Awakening; Volume III, Spiritual Struggle

Holy Monastery
“Evangelist John the Theologian”
Souroti, Thessaloniki, Greece
Volumes I, II, III, each:


Mother Thessaloniki

Mother Thessaloniki
by Nikos Gabriel Pentzikis

Nikos Gabriel Pentzikis (1908–1993) was a painter and writer known for his in depth study of Byzantine tradition and as a courageous defender of Orthodoxy in the modern world. The most modern of Greek writers, the most distinctly Greek, he assembles his pieces so that, beginning in alienation, with the recalcitrance and transience of things, the casual cruelties of space and time, they reach out, through the luminous Orthodox immanences of the past, the reverberations of historial memory, towards an inclusive density of present experience. Pentzikis “identified himself closely with his native Thessaloniki. In [Mother Thessalonkiki] . . .
he identifies the parts of his body with the areas and historical periods of Thessaloniki.

Kedros Publishers, 1998
Paper bound, 145 pages
ISBN: 960-04-1425-4


hymnological lexicon



This dictionary of Orthodox hymnological terms is without precedent. Its historical completeness is remarkable, with many terms not elsewhere defined, and will constanly reward students and practioners of Orthodox chant.

Available in Greek only
ISBN: 1-896800-51-3
Soft cover, 214 pages
Alexander Press, Montreal, 2012


AH historia cvr

Αριστειδησ Ν. Χατζηνικολαου
(1915 – 1982 μ.Χ.)

This is the incredible story of the distinguished theologian, Aristides Hadjinicolaou (1915–1982 ad), told in his own words, of his experiences in the years of occupation and war in Greece from 1940 to 1950, illustrating the comforting love and providence of God. His story, which he only told in 1976, is dedicated to his wife Lina (†1986 ad) and his five children (Nikos, John, Dimitris, Vassilis and Anthousa), who published it quietly, distributing it gratis in his memory on the thirtieth anniversary of his passing.

Available in Greek only
ISBN: 1-896800-49-1
Soft cover, 98 pages, illustrated
Alexander Press, Montreal, 2012



The Drama of Quality; Selected Essays
by Zissimos Lorenzatos

Zissimos Lorenzatos (1915–2004) is generally acknowledged to be one of the most important men of letters in Greece of the twentieth century. An essayist, poet and thinker, he was perhaps the last of his generation with a vision that was both deeply religious and humane. His profound knowledge of European literature and thought, and his familiarity with the writings and philosophy of the East, along with his thorough assimilation of the long Greek tradition, enabled him to explore, with unusual insight, the spirit both of Europe and of modern Greece.

Denise Harvey (Publisher), 2000
Paper bound, 231 pages
ISBN: 960-7120-16-7



Greece’s Dostoevsky—
The Theological Vision of Alexandros Papadiamandis

by Anestis Keselopoulos

Overlooked and largely rejected by academics for many decades, Papadiamandis’s work is finally coming into its own. Professor Keselopoulos reveals with great warmth and sympathy, the spiritual depths and Orthodox richness of Papadiamandis through his depiction of the traditional life of his native Skiathos, a living liturgy. Keselopoulos also shows how Papadiamandis’s creative work, as he is an authentic bearer of the Church’s tradition, becomes tradition. As with Dostoevsky, Papadiamandis’s faith transforms his work, providing it with an authentically Orthodox spiritual dimension absent in most modern art.

Protecting Veil, 2011
Paper bound, 232 pages
ISBN: 9781643770235



The Murderess, A Social Tale
by Alexandros Papadiamandis

Translated by Liadain Sherrard
Edited by Denise Harvey & Lambros Kamperidis

From its first appearance in 1903 The Murderess has been regarded as Alexandros Papadiamandis’s finest work. Set on his native island of Skiathos it tells the story of Hadoula, a widow with grown-up children, who has convinced herself that it is better little girls should leave this life when young so that they and their parents should not suffer the trials that inevitably would be inflicted on them by an inequitable society. He explores the particular quality evil has of disguising itself as good, but without ever passing judgement on the murderess herself. Long considered one of Greece’s most important writers, Papadiamandis’s reflections on modern Greek life define the Greek experience in a way unmatched by any of his contemporaries.

Denise Harvey (Publisher), 2011
Paper bound, 142 pages
ISBN: 978-960-7120-28-1


bjoundless garden

The Boundless Garden; Selected Short Stories, Vol I
by Alexandros Papadiamandis, Edited by Lambros Kamperidis & Denise Harvey

Alexandros Papadiamandis lived in the midst of an uncertain age of transition for modern Greece. It was a period of post-Enlightenment turmoil that followed closely on the heels of Greece’s War of Independence, when the traditional old ways were being undermined and were fast disappearing under the pressure of the indiscriminate adoption of western mores and ideas. His reflections on and observations of some of the most complex facets of Greek life in both his native island of Skiathos and in urban Athens during this time define the modern Greek experience in a manner unattained by any of his now forgotten contemporaries. His loving attachment to the old traditional ways have marked him out for some as conservative, even reactionary, but it was an attachment tempered with an innate and deep understanding of how the past breathes life into the present.

Denise Harvey (Publisher), 2007
Paper bound, 364 pages
ISBN: 978-960-7120-23-6


Μπλουζ σε ήχο πλάγιο — Ορθόδοξα ακούσματα στον 21ο αιώνα!*
*Blues In Plagal Mode: Orthodox Sounds in the 21st century

Hymns and chants of Orthodox hymnography adapted in an unprecedented way, blending the Byzantine tradition with influences of contemporary blues, rock and jazz, creating exciting sounds that transport the listener to new realms of joy and inspiration.

“A brilliant work! I stand in awe at his achievement of harmony in such a healing musical alloy” —Dionysis Savvopoulos, noted Greek Musician

“Moving psalmody which joyfully waters mind and heart” —Archbishop Anastasios of Albania

“A remarkable score with exquisite poetry, executed with reverence, tenderness, character and charisma” —Maro Vamvounaki, Author

CD, with lyrics and liner notes in Greek: $25.00


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