Living the Tradition




Orthodoxy in Dialogue with the Modern World

Number 1:
In Search of the Person:

"True" and "False Self" according to Donald Winnicott and St. Gregory Palamas
by Fr. Vasileios Thermos

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Number 2:
Religion, Ideology
and Science:

Two texts like mantinades, from the
heartache of faith to the longing of unbelief
by Athanasios N. Papathanasiou

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Number 3:
Future, the Background of History:

Essays on Church Mission in an age of Globalization
by Athanasios N. Papathanasiou

- Mission the Self of the Church
- The Language of the Church and the Language of the World
- Mission: A Consequence or, Perhaps a Presupposition of the Catholicity?
- The Flight as Fight
- Evangelization and Social Justice
- Between the Devil of Imperialism and the Deep Sea of Marketing
- Sisoes and Alexander

Paper bound

Number 4:
My Life with Father Alexander

by Matushka Juliana Schmemann,
the beloved wife of the late Father Alexander Schmemann

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Matushka Schmemann, offers us a beautiful account of her life’s journey with Father Alexander, from Talinn in Estonia and Baden-Baden in Germany, to Paris, New York and Lac Labelle in Quebec.

Alexander Press, 2006
Paper bound, 102 pages
ISBN: 1-896800-66-1
$15.00 / €12.00

Alexander Press
2875 Douglas Ave.,Montreal, QuebecH3R 2C7, Canada